Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Blog for Bible Studies

QLCC has changed its name to "Hope Community Church." I have moved our online Bible Study notes/Evotionals to a new domain to reflect the name. For all the new posts, please visit:

Hope Community Bible Study


muttie said...

thank you for this bible study page. i like it very much, most of all i am lreaning a lot from this. when i am home i have nothing to do. but to be on my computer. now i have something to do.i can go to my bible class, because i need a ride to get there. i wish that i new about this long time ago. this is a good thing and i will tell my friends about this to .looking at this to night, i am starting a bible class with my family.. and i am going to study off of computer. we cam learn more about th bible doing that thank you for the idra.god bless you all'

Anonymous said...

Hi,I just got closer to GOD Thanks for this bible studies. blondie

Anonymous said...

I am truely blessed by the tremendous amount of study of the BIBLE, Thank you for your guided study, as well, You can try to be wise on your own, but witout Our Father in Heaven, Through Christ we are never able to do anything without Him.